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Experienced Coach for Small Business Owners

You know your small business, whether it is making chocolates or providing the best home decorating service possible to your clients. You are an expert: you’ve earned your degree in your field, obtained post-graduate education, or you became an expert through hands-on training. You do your craft well and you love it. The piece that probably you’re as not sure about, and don’t always love, is how to run a small business.

I’m going to let in on a secret: it’s not your fault. Business, itself, is not your core offering. You didn’t go to business school; you didn’t receive extensive training in running a business. You might have read a couple of the 13,000 books Amazon has about running a small business, but it’s not the same as working with someone with a business degree, raised by an entrepreneur, who has run a small business, and is trained to help business owners build and run their business.

That’s where I come in.

Small business coaching can cover many different areas, but generally includes how to grow a small business through more effective marketing, improving company operations – especially in the areas of employees and customer service, and improving profitability. Experienced small business coaches have the experience of all those other business owners they have created strategies with, worked through tough employee issues, defined ideal customers, and helped make life a little better. Ideally, your small business coach comes with a business degree and extensive training to back that experience up.

I want to help you build a small business that you love, that is growing, that is in line with your long term vision for your life. If I’m the right coach for you, doing all of that with Excellence and Ease will be important to you. They may even be what’s driving you, whether you know it or not.

Vision. Excellence. Ease. Read my blog and use my small business tools to help you reach your business goals. It’s time, you’ve earned it.

Take your business to the next level with a business coach

When you need to improve your fitness level, you hire a trainer.When you need to take your tennis or golf game to the next level, you enlist help from a coach.When you want to take your business to the next level, hire a business coach!

The decision to use a business coach can drastically change the future of your business.A coach will be able to see your business in an unbiased light and can help you identify your true strengths, weakness, fears, and operational gaps.Similar to a trainer, a business coach can turn a healthy business into a triathlon athlete.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level by hiring a business coach but are unsure of the next steps to take, here are a few points to consider when selecting a coach.

  • Consider their knowledge level and their resume
  • Ask if they have ever successfully run a business
  • Make sure you communicate well with the coach and feel open talking to them
  • Evaluate their training and experience
  • Consider how much of a time commitment you want from your coach (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Be patient and wait until you find someone who you think you will work well with

The process of selecting and hiring a business coach requires a little bit of a time investment; however it is an investment that will benefit your business for years to come.If you are ready to take the next step and would like to schedule a business consultation with Helen, contact her at 603-529-2345.


Olympic Coaches Develop Powerful Results; Inspiration

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Over the 12 years of my coaching career, this article has never been far from my thoughts; it inspires me to be the best coach possible for my clients, a coach that would carry my clients piggyback down a mountain. It was originally published in the Chicago Tribune, during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.olympics 2012

I’m excited as the 2012 Summer Olympics are about to begin – thinking of the hours of training it took for the athletes to get there, the careful attention to detail by athletes and coaches, the sacrifices made. I’m hoping to see coaches that inspire their athletes to be their best, that hug them good or bad, that remember to give them a last minute wink, not just another tip. I am always striving to give the same to my clients.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do.

View the original article here, I hope you’ll print it out and save it as inspiration.


– Helen Dutton, Business Coach

What Can You Do Right Now To Drive Traffic?

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I was talking with a client the other day who was frustrated with her slow retail sales in January after a great December. She had some great ideas to drive traffic – a Valentine’s Day event and a new product line, but all of those take money. Money she doesn’t have right now. She felt stuck.

The new product lines she wanted were fabulous and are a perfect fit for her brand. Right now, though, they are off in the future, a “someday” thing. When she described her ideal event it also sounded wonderful…someday. I’m all about business owners having the ideal business, the perfect life but honestly, those rarely happen in the early business ownership stages. What she needs, and you may too, are paying customers in the door now to even have a chance of reaching that ideal place. 

We created a plan to drive traffic to her business that keep her in line with her longer-term vision of the ideal events and product lines. For example, while eventually her events may be catered, include an educational element, and have several hundred attendees, for now she will make the food herself, have a small take-away gift, and she realized that she’ll be happy with 30-40 new people visiting. What I love about this plan is that this first event is like a training ground for her and her customers, it’s a lesson in what’s to come. We found a way to accomplish the same with products. The feel will be the same, her brand image will be strong, and she will learn what works and what doesn’t work – with fewer people to experiment on.

It’s easy to feel stuck when all we see are obstacles in achieving our business ownership dream. If this sounds familiar, ask yourself a different question, “What can I do right now?” Soon enough, if you do enough of these smaller steps, you’ll find yourself owning the ideal business you’ve always imagined.

– Helen Dutton, Business Coach

Going Analog; Small Business Problems

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My laptop is being shipped back to HP today; seems they forgot to put in the web cam. I’ve spent the last five days trying to wrap my head around how I would exist without it for the three to five business days it will take; one of the many small business problems I am sure you can relate to.  Deciding which three to five days it would be was a chore in itself.  I’ve decided that as I take off today to visit my coach in North Carolina, my laptop would go its separate way to receive its missing part. This morning I thought I was having heart palpitations as I scrambled to get ready.

At first I prepared to take my husband’s leftover laptop; it’s more than a couple of years old, but I thought it could do the work. I printed e-mails from my Outlook; transferred files onto a USB drive. I was frantic trying to think of everything I might need for my meeting as well as preparing for some lengthy client meetings next week. And then this morning I decided to go analog. Phew. It’s a bit scary, but I’m also excited. My shoulders relaxed a bit. Without relying on existing client documents, what might I create when I have to start from scratch? What might flow when I pick up a pen rather than poise my hands in front of a keyboard?

It’s only fair to say that I will still have my smartphone but they’re not as smart as they think they are. For the most part, I will still have to rely on my cranium. I’m looking at it like a real-life word search puzzle. I also have my Kindle, freshly loaded with a new novel as well as the handful(s?) of business books I tend to accumulate.

Being without my laptop for a few days is a little bit like being without my kids for a few days. Anxious beforehand, relaxing and thought-provoking during, and grateful when we get back together.  What small business problems can you turn into opportunity?

– Helen Dutton, Business Coach

Helen Dutton, A Vision of Your Own, has provided business and personal coaching for small business owners since 2000, providing online and face to face coaching for entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-up businesses as well as established businesses across the country. Clients come from New Hampshire, her home state, but she has also acted as a mentor to business owners in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Denver area, and closer to home in the Boston area. Helen helps her clients develop their small business ideas, create marketing plans, improve operation efficiency, build customer service systems, build management and leadership skills, and develop confidence as a business owner. Helen provides business tips and resources through her blog and her newsletter, where you can also find business templates to help your business prosper.