Let it Be Easy; Use Your Natural Abilities

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Using Natural Abilities leads to ExcellenceMy daughter is a gymnast, as in CRAZY gymnast. She’s been at it for more than ten years and you could easily guess she’s a gymnast just by looking at her. Her natural tendency is to try just about anything. On a good day she’s mostly successful, even if it’s something she’s never tried before. She runs into trouble, though, when she starts to think too much about it, starts to analyze what her body has to do in order to complete the skill. That’s when I say to her, “Just let your body do what it knows how to do.”

We all have natural abilities that we were born with – just like our eye color, hair color, and our dominant hand. When those innate talents are nurtured and developed they become second nature to us, as flipping is for my daughter. Think of an artist or musician you know; we all instantly can tell the difference between those with natural talent and those, well…without. Reasoning styles, rate of idea flow, spatial/non-spatial orientation, and various types of memory are also part of our genetic make-up. When we use these special gifts we were given in our business and career, our work feels easy. Isn’t that a wonderful way to create a living?

Reflect on what comes most naturally to you. What can you easily do all day and time flies? Find commonalities (dig below the surface here); then, see how to incorporate those skills into your daily “work”.

I’m all about making things easy. When you use the gifts you were given, you and your business will flourish. Just as I say to my daughter, “just do what you know how to do.”

– Helen Dutton, Business Coach

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