Head, Heart, Gut; Make A Decision

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head heart gutLast week I suggested that if you’re having a hard time making a decision, chances are you need more data. There’s another alternative, and this time the answer won’t be found in facts. The decision lies in lining up your head, heart, and gut.

Small business owners are smart, sometimes too smart. We read lots of books, listen to podcasts and broadcasts, subscribe to newsletters and receive lots of information. We like to use our heads to think our way out of a challenge. Our minds have generally served us well so why not keep relying on this tool? The problem is when our heart or our gut (intuition, wise self, whatever you want to call it) aren’t in agreement with all that information.

Wait a minute, you’re saying, didn’t you tell us to get data? Absolutely. Reliable information is a valuable piece of the puzzle, but it’s not the only piece. We have several internal sources and they need to come to an agreement on our path. Our heart tells us which course of action feels right and is in line with our values. Our gut helps us know which decision is right and true for us. If you have relevant data and you still struggle to make a decision complete the following sentences:

  • My head tells me that the right decision is… because…. I know this because….
  • My heart tells me that the right decision is…because…. I know this because….
  • My gut tells me that the right decision is…because…. I know this because….

You have three wonderful decision making tools within you; let them each have a voice and bring them to an agreement. 

   – Helen Dutton, Business Coach


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