Tools for Small Business Owners

Improve your operations, discover business excellence, and do it all with ease. These templates and tools for small business owners s are designed to help you discover opportunities, plan for success, and reach your personal and professional goals. If you would like to receive more of my advice and tools for small business tools owners, sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive content!

  • Five Keys to Growing Your Business – If your business is just starting out or you are looking to expand, implement these five simple steps to reach your goal quickly and easily. Download the 5 Keys to Growing Your Business
  • 2016 Planning and Pledge Worksheet – Having a clear understanding of where you truly want to be is an important step to reaching your goals, but it’s easy to overlook. This worksheet will walk you through defining your goals and how to reach them easily. Download the 2016 Planning and Pledge Worksheet
  • Financial Prosperity Assessment – Working like crazy but still not achieving the financial prosperity you desire? This simple worksheet will pinpoint the areas that most need attention. Download the Financial Prosperity Assessment
  • Growing Your Team – Hiring employees in the early years of your business can often be so stressful that you end up postponing it until you’re in a critical situation. This template will walk you through the process to make it simple and easy. Download the Growing Your Team Worksheet
  • THINK About Staff Corrections – Correcting staff is rarely fun and easy to postpone. Delaying what needs to be said, though, only makes the problem worse. Keep this simple system handy to walk you through a staff correction whenever it is needed. Download the THINK about Staff Corrections Worksheet
  • More Revenue in Less Time – Do you have lots of ideas to increase revenue but rarely implement them, for fear of following the wrong path? This easy to complete worksheet will take the guesswork out of selecting the growth path that’s best for you. Download the More Revenue in Less Time Worksheet

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Helen Dutton, A Vision of Your Own, has provided business and personal coaching for small business owners since 2000, providing online and face to face coaching for entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-up businesses as well as established businesses across the country. Clients come from New Hampshire, her home state, but she has also acted as a mentor to business owners in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Denver area, and closer to home in the Boston area. Helen helps her clients develop their small business ideas, create marketing plans, improve operation efficiency, build customer service systems, build management and leadership skills, and develop confidence as a business owner. Helen provides business tips and resources through her blog and her newsletter, where you can also find business templates to help your business prosper.