Business Coaching Services I Can Provide

Do you need business help with:

Small Business Operations:

Small Business Marketing:

Small Business Finance:

  • Creating a business vision and a plan to get there
  • How to hire and manage employees
  • Small business customer service
  • Marketing strategies for small business
  • How to build a business
  • Developing small business systems
  • Growth strategies
  • How to write a business plan
  • Understanding your business financials

Chances are, you are phenomenal in your trade, but some of these other areas really aren’t your expertise and you find yourself putting them off. I know from my own experience that while I can complete tasks like technology implementation, the result is better and I’m happier if I hire someone trained in it and who loves working with gadgets. The same is true with some aspects of your business; I’m confident that you can complete a business plan, learn how to define your SEO keywords, or work out employee issues yourself, but you will be happier and less frustrated with some business coaching to guide you through it.

My business coaching clients and I generally talk several times a month and they know they have access to me whenever they need me for document review, “emergency” issues (general employee related), shorter direct questions, and a “way to go!” when they need it. Every business owner has their own working style so I fit your business coaching into your working style rather than have a one-size fits all business coaching program. Once we have an initial consult call, I’ll have a better feel for the business coaching program that would best suit you and that will move your business forward smoothly.

Helen Dutton, A Vision of Your Own, has provided business and personal coaching for small business owners since 2000, providing online and face to face coaching for entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-up businesses as well as established businesses across the country. Clients come from New Hampshire, her home state, but she has also acted as a mentor to business owners in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Denver area, and closer to home in the Boston area. Helen helps her clients develop their small business ideas, create marketing plans, improve operation efficiency, build customer service systems, build management and leadership skills, and develop confidence as a business owner. Helen provides business tips and resources through her blog and her newsletter, where you can also find business templates to help your business prosper.