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    "Business Coaching is not a luxury, it is a necessity."

    "When you find a great coach, you have found gold. I highly recommend Helen and urge you to contact her and discover what great things you can accomplish together."

    - Dean Carlson, Get Fit NH Boot Camp

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    Business growth AND personal sanity?

    It is possible, and with the right business systems and a clear vision it can even be easy.

    Use Helen’s business tips and business tools to help you achieve business excellence with ease.

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    Not Sure How to Reach Your Goal?

    Creating a plan to reach your goals can seem daunting.

    Find out if small business coaching can help you achieve your vision.

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Experienced Coach for Small Business Owners

You know your small business, whether it is making chocolates or providing the best home decorating service possible to your clients. You are an expert: you’ve earned your degree in your field, obtained post-graduate education, or you became an expert through hands-on training. You do your craft well and you love it. The piece that probably you’re as not sure about, and don’t always love, is how to run a small business.

I’m going to let in on a secret: it’s not your fault. Business, itself, is not your core offering. You didn’t go to business school; you didn’t receive extensive training in running a business. You might have read a couple of the 13,000 books Amazon has about running a small business, but it’s not the same as working with someone with a business degree, raised by an entrepreneur, who has run a small business, and is trained to help business owners build and run their business.

That’s where I come in.

Small business coaching can cover many different areas, but generally includes how to grow a small business through more effective marketing, improving company operations - especially in the areas of employees and customer service, and improving profitability. Experienced small business coaches have the experience of all those other business owners they have created strategies with, worked through tough employee issues, defined ideal customers, and helped make life a little better. Ideally, your small business coach comes with a business degree and extensive training to back that experience up.

I want to help you build a small business that you love, that is growing, that is in line with your long term vision for your life. If I’m the right coach for you, doing all of that with Excellence and Ease will be important to you. They may even be what’s driving you, whether you know it or not.

Vision. Excellence. Ease.

READ MY BLOG and USE MY SMALL BUSINESS TOOLS to help you reach your business goals. It’s time, you’ve earned it.

How Can You Help Me?

Read Helen's business tips, ideas and strategies for your business to reach its potential.

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Why Helen?

Learn about Helen's background and experience, and what she can bring to your small business.

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What Are Your Services?

Learn what small business coaching services can do for you and how it works.

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Helen Dutton, A Vision of Your Own, has provided business and personal coaching for small business owners since 2000, providing online and face to face coaching for entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-up businesses as well as established businesses across the country. Clients come from New Hampshire, her home state, but she has also acted as a mentor to business owners in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Denver area, and closer to home in the Boston area. Helen helps her clients develop their small business ideas, create marketing plans, improve operation efficiency, build customer service systems, build management and leadership skills, and develop confidence as a business owner. Helen provides business tips and resources through her blog and her newsletter, where you can also find business templates to help your business prosper.